Scrapcycling — Upcycled Accessories and Gifts

Scrapcycling sells housewares, gifts, accessories and toys that are made from reclaimed and upcycled materials!

I’m pleased to offer you a wide variety of unique, quality products that celebrate resourcefulness and creativity. The pieces of fabric I work with may be too small to make full sized garments from but they are by no means sub standard. I try my best to make sure that each piece is well crafted so you can enjoy it many times, some of my items are even meant to be keepsake quality!

Each item is either one of a kind or one of a few, and once it’s gone I can’t recreate it. I hope you will have as much fun with my products as I have creating them!

All items are handmade by me and are meant to be well constructed though they might have that “deconstructed” look. There may be slight irregularities because they are not made by fancy machines and some vintage pieces will not be as bright as the day they were made. In my opinion the little quirks that occur in handmade items are part of their charm.